Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Please don't return to sender

Not all the bears have an easy journey just getting to the start line! The small brown bear set off from Virginia two weeks ago, he wasn't actually going far on his first leg as he was only headed for my home here in Ohio. The thing was that first leg was going to be his hardest, a week after he set off he arrived back where he started in Virginia!! The problem being a postal service that failed to realise the poster hadnt meant "Lane" but "Drive" so instead of using a little initiative they took the easy option and returned it to sender! Of course every tale has a happy ending, correctly re-addressed he grabbed his two friends seen here and came back as a threesome and as can be seen here they all arrived safely a couple of days later. So for persistence in the face of adversity this little bear so far wins the prize and as can be seen he got a few English chocs for his efforts - hmmm if they all came back multiplied by three maybe we should send them all back "return to sender" Only joking once more I say thank you to all the contributors out there
and please keep them coming.

Stocking up on English chocs before the onward journey !! Posted by Picasa


Blogger Sharon * said...

Even better...I had neglected to mention that that brown bear originally came from Philly! hehe
I had won him from a claw machine in Dave and Buster's when we went to the Philadelphia VJ meet-up! So he is one well travelled teddy!
Yeah I couldn't believe it either when he came back from Ohio with an "Address Not Known" stamp haha just because I wrote "Lane instead of "Drive" ooops! Main thing is he and his pals finally made it there safe and sound.

5:35 AM  

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