Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ok I have had a nightmare tonight posting this picture but I was determined and here it is!! This is the majority of the bears that arrived last week and the only word is WOW !! I have to admit that on first examing the picture when my sister-in-law sent it up from the warehouse my only thought was "Where's Waldo?" (that translates to Where's Wally to all you Brits reading this) my eye just happened to be drawn to a little tigger and thats what I thought - hey when you pass one thousand bears you start to have wierd thoughts every now and then ............ but I lay a pound to a penny you are now looking for Tigger !!!

Where's Tigger? Posted by Picasa


Blogger Heather LJW said...

I think he's next to the window,hhmm. Lol

7:36 PM  

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