Sunday, September 25, 2005

Truly Unbelievable !!!

Each time I post, the adjectives are harder to find, I started this "little" project with a wish to collect 100 teddy bears to send to the victims of Hurricane Katrina - I wasn't sure i could do it, I thought I was crazy (been said before!) and here I am three weeks and almost 1200 bears later and I am almost lost for words (now that is a first!). With thanks to all you good people who have read this, passed on the word, and posted your bears there just aren't true words of thanks. And still the bears keep coming - we already know since the count was taken Friday we have had more bears delivered so expect that total to rise again Monday. I have put a bear total at the top and even when I'm not posting a daily photo call and update I am updating that total.

As for the bears reaching their final destination, please don't think nothing is happening. We are liasing with a church group who are taking a relief convoy down to the area, all their shipment are goods specifically for the children and they are more than happy both to take the bears but to actually distribute them. The minister involved formerly worked in the region and is working with churches in the area to make sure when the bears and everything else arrives it goes exactly where it is needed most. I'm sorry if I sound at all vague but I am trying to make sure that all information we post here is up to date and accurate. Just believe that we have been assured these bears are needed, going to find welcoming arms and make someone very needy very happy. As more firm details are available I will up date.

Which only leaves me to say once more keep the bears coming and thank you


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