Monday, October 03, 2005

Stowaway Stowaway .......................

Having had Tigger joining the fun last week this week we discovered someone else trying to sneak south amongst the teddys. Ok so he has lots of fur and BIG hug me hug me eyes, so perhaps he really did think he could pass it off and get sent south. Unfortunately, Buxie the cat, is pretty high maintenance with an enormous appetite but more importantly loved way to much at home to be allowed to head south. So nice try, but you just guard them till they are ready to leave.

The best news of all though is this weekend the teddy total has passed TWO THOUSAND BEARS which is so far beyond expectations it defies any other words but THANK YOU !!!! and of course a reminder that yes we are still collecting so keep them coming.


Blogger G & Auds said...


You rock!!!!!!

Remember a conversation we had and you said something to the effect of; "I just wanna see a Teddy Bear????" and I told you that soon enough you'd be saying; "Good Lord look at ALL these teddy bears!!!!"....well dearie, I think that day has arrived.

You're an inspiration Rosie! Just think of all those smiles on those little faces and all the cuddles those bears are going to enjoy.

You've outdone yourself, 20x over at that!

1:05 PM  

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