Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Angels and Bears

Pictured in the photo amongst the 498 teddys (yup someone DID count them) are 3 of the members of the Oil City First Church of God, Bonnie Ellis, Fred Harris and his son Max. Fred and his son, Max have launched a "Hands on - Kids Helping Kids campaign" to supply young hurricane victims with new toys - hence their interest and collaboration with our "Teddys for Hope". Fred is instrumental in organizing the transportation with the trucking line who has volunteered a tractor-trailer and driver. Fred told us tonight that as soon as they secure the proper permits, they will be travelling south to distribute what they have collected along with our teddys. They want to actually "put the toys and teddys in the hands of the children", that's why they are securing the proper permits with FEMA (not quite as easy as it sounds!) - they don't want to just drop off the stuff and leave it in hopes it will get distributed, they want to be sure it does. We have also heard that Venango Video (the local Oil City/Franklin TV station) is hoping to travel south with them and video the distribution. 185 of the bears above were collected by the children and parishoners from the church, the other 313 were collected at UPMC NW Medical Center thru the efforts of the Oil City Ministerium,in a collection organized by the hospital Chaplain, Jane French.

I cannot thank the church for all they are doing both in their collection of bears and in their help in making sure all 2000+ WILL get to where they are most needed Angels and Bears together what a combination!


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